21 things to know about this gal with the great alliterative name

  1. Lauren Loftus just moved to the Bay Area. You all weren’t kidding about the cost of living here, she sees.

  2. Lauren Loftus has spent most of her 30-cough-years in Phoenix, Arizona. But ask her where she’s from and she’ll swear she’s a San Diegan.

  3. Lauren Loftus wrote about her feelings on being from both Phoenix and San Diego here and here.

  4. Yes, Lauren Loftus has surfed and hopes that impresses you.

  5. Lauren Loftus is a journalist and writer. Most recently, she was an editor at PHOENIX magazine.

  6. Lauren Loftus’s work has appeared in The Washington Post, NBC, The Arizona Republic,, KJZZ Phoenix/NPR, The Center for Public Integrity and the Phoenix New Times.

  7. Lauren Loftus received her Master of Mass Communication from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University and was named the Outstanding Graduate Student in 2015.

  8. No, Lauren Loftus does not know why that degree/school name is so damn long.

  9. Lauren Loftus was a 2014 Ethics & Excellence in Journalism Fellow with the News21 national investigative multimedia initiative on gun rights and regulations.

  10. Lauren Loftus shot a lot of guns that summer. It was weird.

  11. Lauren Loftus didn't always want to be a journalist.

  12. Lauren Loftus thought about getting her MFA in poetry after writing two decent poems in college.

  13. Lauren Loftus calmed right down after realizing she's no Rita Dove and applied to get her Ph.D. in Beat literature instead.

  14. Lauren Loftus is blushing after reading that last sentence out loud.

  15. Lauren Loftus obviously did not get her Ph.D.

  16. Lauren Loftus graduated from the University of San Diego with a B.A. in English literature and a minor in political science in 2008, just before the economy tanked.

  17. Lauren Loftus moved back to Arizona and spent the next three years in a windowless airport hangar in Phoenix summarizing daily news for radio stations in exotic places like Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

  18. Lauren Loftus quit to backpack around Central America. She sled down a volcano in Nicaragua, explored a cave via candlelight in Guatemala, surfed in El Salvador, and swam with sharks in Belize. It was awesome.

  19. Lauren Loftus realized she didn't have to write fiction to tell stories about really interesting people and places. When CNN didn't respond, she applied to graduate school for journalism.

  20. Lauren Loftus is INTJ. Duh.

  21. Lauren Loftus likes: playing tennis, reading funny feminist lit, rewatching romcoms, collecting sunglasses, collecting cats, eating Mexican food, binging true crime podcasts, and playing air guitar to angsty '90s fem pop. Lauren Loftus dislikes: the term "mixology," when people call facts they don't agree with "fake news," navigating Twitter (even though she kinda not-so-secretly dreams of the day of breaking 1,000 followers). Lauren Loftus hates: cucumbers.